James Rawlson is a real estate attorney servicing San Francisco.

A founder of James Rawlson & Associates, James has dedicated his life to helping clients receive appropriate dues on their real estate claims.  His track record includes graduating with honors at Davidson College as a History major and getting his Juris Doctor degree after three years at The George Washington Law School.

One of James Rawlson’s interests and passions is the auto industry and its advancement through the decades.  Although James wouldn’t consider himself a gearhead, he has a supreme fascination with pioneers of the industry like Henry Ford, David Buick, Charles Nash, and Ransom Olds.

Whenever James isn’t working in the courtroom or at the office, he tries to take as much time as he can to tour the country, visiting different auto shows.  From the Albany Auto Show in March, to The British Invasion in September, to the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, James goes where the cars are to get his fix on the latest and greatest and the timeless classics.

While James Rawlson’s everyday car is a Honda Accord, he owns a 1931 Model A.  Henry Ford is one of Mr. Rawlson’s biggest heroes and getting a Model A was a motivator for him throughout college to be successful.  Below you can find a photo.


James is also interested in the new wave that is hitting the auto industry.  Technology has played a huge role and there has been a bigger and bigger transition to electric powered automobiles.  James has been paying a lot of attention to what Elon Musk is doing at Tesla Motors and now has ambition to get a Model S in the near future.  The desired model for James is pictured below.


James isn’t sure when his love of cars got started but it is simply an itch that has always needed to be scratched.